Mouse Ears and a Movie

Trailer! We Have a Trailer!

August 20, 2021 Sara Baker Season 1
Mouse Ears and a Movie
Trailer! We Have a Trailer!
Show Notes

Hello! Coming soon to a podcast platform near you, this is Mouse Ears and a Movie, a Disney animation conversation.

Sara Farrell Baker and Chrissy Woj are two grown women, avoiding responsibility and watching cartoons. Every episode, we will be watching a Disney or Pixar animated feature, chosen at random from The Bucket. Then we will reconvene here to share our thoughts, some behind-the-scenes knowledge, and various weird noises.

What IS the bucket? Every movie needs some popcorn, so of course we have a Walt Disney World popcorn bucket as the third member of our team. It’s a precious little baby Simba, filled with the names of every Disney and Pixar animated movie.

Follow along with us while we dive into the Wonderful World of Disney, experiencing some films for the first time, reassessing beloved classics from our childhood, and finding a few new favorites along the way.

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